Survey: Companies using green IT to save money

Looks like going green is catching on with the people making tech decisions for their companies. What areas are they focusing on?

The biggest change has been in the way companies purchase tech equipment, according to a recent survey by CompTIA, a non-profit organization for the IT industry.

Three-quarters of respondents said they consider environmental impact when buying products such as desktop and laptop computers, printers, monitors, servers, data storage and other networking equipment.

Specifically, companies take into account:

  1. power consumption (67%)
  2. power management capabilities (63%), and
  3. how easy the product is to recycle or safely dispose of (58%).

In addition to product purchases, the 650 IT decision makers surveyed are also taking other green initiatives, such as:

  1. encouraging nightly computer shutdowns (73%), and
  2. encouraging people to use their computer’s energy saving and sleep mode settings (68%).

Has your IT department taken any green initiatives? Let us know what you’ve done and what results you’ve seen in the comments section below.

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