Study: Telecommuters can save $10,000 a year

Is your IT department being asked to support telecommuters? You may start hearing more requests, especially if employees see the data from this study. 

Telecommuting advocacy organization the Telework Exchange estimates that commuting costs the average U.S. employee $9,796 a year — in other words, folks could give themselves a nearly $10,000 raise by working from home.

Even telecommuting just two days could reduce expenses by $5,878 annually, the Telework Exchange says.

Some other research on telecommuting:

  • A report by TIAX LLC, commissioned by the Consumer Electronics Association, found 3 .9 million teleworkers saved 840 million gallons of fuel annually—if fuel costs are approximately $3 per gallon, that savings represents a cumulative $2 .25 billion, a little over $575 per commuter, and
  • The American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research (AEI)** uses statistics from the Bureau of Transportation and the U .S . Department of Education to predict that the average teleworker uses 339 fewer gallons of gas over the year, which represents a savings of $1,017 (if we assume the cost of gas at $3 a gallon) in commuting costs, and a reduction in CO2 emissions of 6584 pounds.