Survey: IT not confident it can respond to new security threats

Cybercriminals are constantly updating their methods of attack, and, for a variety of reasons, IT is having a hard time keeping up.

That’s the message from the 2011 Threat Management Survey, published recently by Symantec.

Of the 1,000 IT pros and executives surveyed, 57% said they lack confidence in their company’s IT security staff to deal with new security threats.

The reason? Mostly, it’s due to under-staffing in the IT department, as 46% of respondents believe their company has an insufficient number of staff members dedicated to security, and 45% said their IT department doesn’t have enough time to effectively deal with new threats.

Respondents also admitted:

  1. They’re having challenges recruiting IT employees (46%)
  2. They’re also having trouble with employee retention (42%), and
  3. The staff members they do have lack necessary experience and skill sets (39%).

One tactic that may help solve those woes is increased attention to security training for IT staff. That’s one way to help develop a staff with the skills the company needs, and training opportunities have also proven to be an effective way to recruit and retain IT employees.

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