Big raises in store for these IT specialists

Competition for IT professionals is rising, and that’s especially the case for those skilled in a few new and emerging technologies. 

That’s the message from the most recent IT salary report released by staffing firm Bluewolf. Based on information from placements made by Bluewolf, the firm predicts salaries will rise for IT employees and executives in most positions in 2012.

But the biggest gains will be made by:

  1. Software developers, especially mobile application developers skilled in HTML5 and the Android and iOS platforms
  2. Database specialists, including data architects, SQL administrators and business intelligence analysts, who will be important in helping companies navigate the big data trend
  3. Employees with experience in cloud applications, including Salesforce, Google Apps, Eloqua and Marketo, and
  4. user experience designers.

According to Bluewolf, demand for employees with those skills is increasing, while the pool of available talent shrinks.

Not all IT jobs will see increases in demand and salary, however. Bluewolf predicts wages for help desk staff and hardware technicians will stay flat, as more companies turn to cloud services and outsource those functions.

For more information, download Bluewolf’s report here.

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