Price of complaining about poor software? Blacklisting

Hopefully you’ve never had to deal with a vendor this unprofessional. But it’s a good reminder that reading the TOS carefully on any software is an absolute must. 

A user who was having difficulty with a program he had purchased took to a message board to complain, according a timeline from Tech Dirt. He outlined the problem, steps he had taken to rectify it and what he saw as a failure on the vendor’s part to make the program compatible with his operating system.

The response is jaw-dropping.


The software vendor refused to help and actually bricked his software as a result of the earlier negative review. The vendor said it would help only if he removed the earlier negative post about the company.

And it actually pointed out that its terms of service allowed just such an action as retaliation for badmouthing the company online.

Eventually, apologies were made and offers to rectify the situation were extended. But not until the public backlash to this short-sighted policy came to light.

Look for honest vendors

No decent vendor would go this far to punish critics. And that’s part of the reason it’s so important to read contracts and terms of service carefully before signing on.

Vendors who are concerned with the perception of their product rather than finding and publishing fixes are not ones you’ll want to deal with. Make sure the vendor has plenty of ways to contact them in case something goes wrong, and no terms that state there will be no other place to have your concerns addressed.

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