Prevent email fraud with blockchain technology

Email fraud is more prevalent than ever, especially with phishing scams coming primarily through email.

Being able to authenticate your organization’s emails can significantly cut down on those breaches.

Email stamping tools, such as Gmelius, use blockchain technology to encrypt emails and allow users to stamp specific emails that contain sensitive information.

How it works

Gmelius integrates into your existing email provider, such as Gmail, and acts as another tool in your inbox. Stamping your emails can help you prove later on that you sent an email, which adds a level of authenticity to communications.

When dealing with contracts or customers, stamping ensures recipients know your emails aren’t fraudulent and protects the sensitive info you may be sending.

These tools aren’t the be-all and end-all for your organization and email fraud. It’s still important to focus on employee training about scams and potential dangers, but stamping can add another tool to your security arsenal.


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