One way IT can help boost the bottom line

Here’s one IT project that could be a big boon for the company and its employees:

Supporting more teleworkers.

In a recent article, CFO Greg Baker lists the top reasons why his company, Logicalis, lets many of its employees work from home on a part- or full-time basis:

  1. Expanded talent pool — Allowing employees to work remotely lets the company employ the best people, without having to worry about geography or relocation costs.
  2. Retention — Especially with the current state of gas prices, commuting to work is a huge drain on employees’ wallets and well-being. Also, in many surveys, employees say they’d prefer the chance to telecommute over a wage increase.
  3. Cost savings — Companies with a lot of remote workers can see big decreases in the money they spend on office space, power, and other concerns. Logicalis, for example, has grown in recent years, but is actually leasing less space for its offices due to telework.

Of course, there are some issues management will have to work out when deciding how to structure a work-from-home initiative. But more and more companies are doing so, and getting the IT aspects set up properly will be a big help.

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