Office 365 offers unlimited cloud storage

Both business and personal subscribers to Microsoft’s Office 365 are about to receive a huge expansion to their cloud storage. It’s going from one terabyte to unlimited space. 

Microsoft, Google, Apple and others have been in an escalating battle to see who could offer more storage space at a lower price. With this latest move, however, there isn’t anywhere else to go.

In a blog post, Chris Jones, corporate vice president of OneDrive & SharePoint, shared the news that personal, university and home subscribers are getting unlimited OneDrive storage starting immediately. OneDrive for Business customers will begin to get the extra storage in the next few weeks.

Major upgrade?

While unlimited storage certainly sounds impressive, most users probably never ran up against the previous limit, one terabyte. Those that would be in danger of it probably already have another cloud storage service for those purposes.

Instead, this could signal that Microsoft is making a push to be a one-stop shop for everything from creating to storing work. In turn, you can expect Google or other companies to try to offer the same.

But for IT, there’s a bigger challenge: Users with unlimited personal storage may not see an issue storing everything on their cloud accounts – work, personal or otherwise.

And if you want to keep that information safe, having it on a user’s personal drive is not the way to go.

Review cloud policies

Now would be a good time to stress cloud policies with your users. Remind them of a few basics:

  • Work storage isn’t for personal use, personal storage isn’t for work use.
  • Passwords for personal accounts and work accounts need to be separate.
  • If you’re unsure if something can be put in the cloud, ask first. IT is there to help with these kinds of issues.
  • Review any tools that providers may offer that could add protection, such as multi-factor authentication or other security controls.

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