Not enough time to patch issues? You’re not alone

If you ever feel like IT doesn’t get enough time or resources devoted to security patches, you’re not the only one.

A new survey from last month’s RSA Security Conference shows that many companies are behind the curve when it comes to security updates and patches.

The main reason? They don’t have the time to implement those fixes.

Lacking time, skills

According to the survey, only 47% of companies patch security risks as soon as they’re found.

The rest either wait months to fix the vulnerabilities, or never fix them at all because there’s not enough time.

In addition, 16% of organizations said they didn’t have the skills to patch a critical flaw.

Although it can be hard to balance the endless duties you and your department have, security and protection should always be the top priority.

While you know just how important IT security is to the organization, getting buy-in from other executives isn’t easy.

They may understand security’s importance in an abstract way, but show them the real-life consequences of not allocating resources for IT by sharing horror stories from other companies.


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