No, you should not change your WiFi password to your favorite sports team

The advice in this headline may seem like a no-brainer. Unfortunately, it doesn’t go without saying if a recent company’s advice is any indication. 

Charter Spectrum, an Internet and cable TV provider, decided to get in on the excitement of the NFL playoffs by urging its fans to show their support in an unusual way. It suggested they change their WiFi passwords to reflect their Super Bowl favorite.

Tech Crunch got a screenshot before someone at the company with a modicum of common sense decided to delete the tweet:


Actual advice

Most likely this was a marketing idea gone wrong and the company thought it would be fun for users to change their SSID, not their password.

Of course many users don’t need any encouragement to have weak passwords, especially on networking devices. And a weak password there could put your information at risk through snooping attacks if users access your info from devices at home.

Remind users of these three keys to keep their browsing (and your data) safe by following these three simple steps:

  1. Always use a password. An open network is inviting trouble, and could mean slower speeds for their browsing.
  2. Never use the default password. These passwords are often repeated for every user or easily guessed from a list of a few common choices.
  3. Choose a unique password. Make sure users select their own secure password as they would for any other device.

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