New software automatically patches third-party apps

One common mistake that gets computers infected with malware: missing application patches. A new piece of software aims to make plugging those holes easier.

Secunia has updated its free Personal Software Inspector (PSI) application, adding the ability to find unpatched software and automatically download updates. PSI 2.0 is currently available as an open beta test.

The program takes an inventory of all the applications, installed on the user’s machine, along with their version numbers. It checks in with Secunia’s database of new patches to see if any applicable updates have been released.

PSI 2.0 is designed to make patching third-party applications as easy as using Microsoft’s automatic update system, said Stefan Frei, research analyst director for Secunia in a blog post. The majority of vulnerabilities due to missing patches affect third-party programs, which often don’t have a regular patching schedule or an effective patch-delivery method.

PSI 2.0 is expected to come out of beta later this year.

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