New social network helps IT pros get unbiased advice from peers

Looking for some advice for solving an IT problem or making a purchasing decision? There’s a new social network for IT pros that could help.

The site, Wisegate, was designed so that IT pros could interact with each other to share tips and advice, without interference from vendor representatives and other non-techies.

Users of the site must request an invite, and Wisegate uses a screening process that only allows senior-level people in IT positions to join. The site weeds out folks who work at companies that sell products or services to IT organizations (which, Wisegate admits, does unfortunately mean that people working in a vendor’s IT department can’t join right now).

That exclusivity allows IT leaders to get candid advice from their peers, Wisegate says. Users can post questions about projects or products and publish polls to gather larger amounts of data. Members can also join sub-groups based on specific areas of expertise.

You can request an invite from Wisegate here.