New Internet Explorer preview won’t run on XP

Microsoft recently announced its upcoming preview of Internet Explorer 9 will not be compatible with the world’s most popular operating system.

Microsoft left XP off a list of supported browsers in IE9’s developer preview, prompting a deluge of questions from users.

The software giant officially announced Tuesday that the preview will run only on Windows 7 and Vista SP2, ComputerWorld reports. If the final release of IE9 doesn’t run on XP, that would make Microsoft the first browser maker to end support for the popular OS.

Will that really happen, though? Some say the lack of support in the preview may be a marketing ploy from Microsoft to see if it convinces any users to upgrade to the new OS early.

Either way, the move has drawn criticism from security, who say XP users will continue running IE8 instead of the presumably safer new browser, as well as industry watchers who point out that if IE9 was released today, it would only be able to run on 27% of all Windows machines.