New app helps distract sick kids in hospitals: How it could work for IT

Trips to the hospital are scary for anyone … and when you’re a kid, it’s terrifying. But a new app across the pond is helping ease some of those worries.

Alder Play, developed by digital studio UsTwo, is an iOS and Android app for kids visiting Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool, England. It’s meant to distract kids and make the hospital experience smoother.

Before kids get to the hospital, they can choose a name and an avatar to accompany them throughout their stay.

As they travel to different departments, kids can participate in digital scavenger hunts, unlock new characters and get stickers for various achievements (e.g., being scanned or having a blood test). The app also explains procedures in simple terms for kids to understand.

Less pain, all gain

Studies show that children who are distracted during hospital stays often have smoother visits and need less
pain medication.

“Sometimes in healthcare . . . there are things that just have to be done, and unfortunately sometimes they can be a bit painful or uncomfortable, and there’s no way of avoiding that,” said Helen Fuchs, the design director. “The positive use of distraction here is about making those moments slightly less uncomfortable for the patients, and rewarding them for being brave.”

An app like this could work for your department too, regardless of industry: Using apps to make complicated concepts easier to understand is a smart strategy for any company trying to teach customers and non-experts more about what they do.

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