New Android malware could damage phones

A new malware strain could cause some headaches for Android users.

Trojan.AndroidOS.Loapi, or Loapi for short, can mine cryptocurrencies, launch DDoS attacks and show constant ads in other apps, among other malicious activities, according to

Right now, it’s advertised on third-party app stores as a mobile antivirus or adult-related app.

Once Loapi’s on your phone, it will download a Monero cryptocurrency miner, which can overwork the phone and cause Androids to overheat. As a result, the battery will bulge and the phone’s cover can become deformed.

Loapi also fights any attempt to revoke device manager permissions. If the user tries to take away the permissions, the app will lock the screen and close the window with device manager settings

Luckily, Loapi hasn’t yet made it to the Google Play store, but it could be on its way.

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