Which browser is most secure?

A good web browser is the first line of defense between an organization and the IT security risks lurking online. So which web browser is the most secure? Answer:

The fully patched, up-to-date browser.

That’s the message from a recent campaign launched by the Online Trust Alliance (OTA), called “Why Your Browser Matters.” The initiative aims to educate web users about the dangers of running out of date web browsers, and get them to upgrade to newer versions.

According to OTA research, 40% of web traffic comes via outdated browsers, which are much more prone to web-based attacks than newer software. For example, 10% of users are still running the decade-old Internet Explorer 6, which Microsoft has been asking people to ditch for more than a year.

Such widespread use of old browsers likely means a lot of businesses haven’t kept up with their browser updates. And, as OTA warns companies, it’s important not to just patch browsers but also to keep all plug-ins and extensions patched.

As for which browser offers users the best security, there’s no real consensus among tech experts — and new version of popular open source browsers like Chrome and Firefox are released so frequently that the browser that’s most secure one week may be bested the next.

What’s more important, as OTA says, is that companies use the browser that’s best for them and keep the software as up-to-date as possible.

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