More users to telecommute in 2011

Get ready, IT managers: You may soon be asked to support more telecommuters.

That’s the prediction from a recent survey conducted by Right Management. Among the 330 U.S. employers polled, three-quarters currently have at least some remote workers now, and nearly half expect the number to increase in 2011.

When asked to predict how their use of telecommuting will change next year, the businesses answered:

  1. Significant increase (18%)
  2. Increase (27%)
  3. Stay the same (25%)
  4. Decrease (5%), and
  5. Don’t currently have telecommuters (25%).

The bottom line: More managers are recognizing the benefits of letting employees work from home, and more workers expect to be able to telecommute.

By getting more users set up to work remotely, IT departments can help their businesses cut costs and increase productivity.