4 things IT employees need to be happy

Though some recent research has shown many IT professionals want new jobs soon, other data suggests most of them will stay put – but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some things they’d like to change. 

Most IT professionals (89%) say they’re generally happy in their current jobs, according to a recent survey conducted by staffing firm Modis.

Among the 500 IT pros surveyed, 64% plan to stay with their current employers, while 25% would leave if a good opportunity came along. Just 4% said they’re actively looking for a new job.

While that is good news, businesses can’t expect their IT employees to feel that way forever — lingering caution about the economy is a big factor in many people’s decisions to stay where they are, according to Modis.

Companies’ salary plans in the next year could also have a big impact on whether IT staffers still feel the same way, as 44% of respondents say they expect to get a raise in 2012.

What can IT managers do to keep their employees happy with their current positions and avoid having them look for work with a competitor? When asked what mattered most for their job satisfaction, survey respondents answered:

  1. A boss who gives them autonomy and lets them manage their own projects (70%)
  2. Good salary and benefits (62%)
  3. Opportunities to be trained in new technical skills (61%), and
  4. Flexible schedules (61%).
  • I agree, I think autonomy is the most important thing to keep IT pros happy. And having high gear like fast computers and 2 monitors isn’t bad, either.