Prepare for new mobile security risks

Malware attacking mobile devices hasn’t become widespread yet – but it’s only a matter of time, one group says.

A recent report from security firm Trusteer claims cybercriminals currently have the capability to wreak havoc on mobile phones’ security. The only reason they haven’t done too much damage yet is that not enough people use smartphones for sensitive activities such as mobile banking.

But once more users bank with their phones and do other things that make attacks worth criminals’ time, mobile malware will take off. Trusteer estimates that within the next 12 – 24 months, more than 1 in 20 smartphones running Android or iOS could be infected with malware.

The study also points out that users of both platforms will be in danger. Android, due to its more open nature, has a greater likelihood of malicious applications being released via Google’s app market.

However, an attack was recently unveiled that could automatically “jailbreak” an iOS device, allowing hackers to install malware on the phone without the user’s knowledge.

Here are Trusteer’s tips for avoiding mobile malware infections, which you can pass on to smartphone users in your company:

  1. Check reviews for every app you install
  2. Carefully review the permissions requested by Andriod apps, and
  3. Install security software and keep up with software patches for your mobile device, as you would with a PC.

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