Millennials are the ‘sloppiest’ when it comes to online security

Millennials were raised in the computer age and, generally speaking, most are at ease with adapting to constantly changing tech. But there might be a problem with just how at ease millennials are, and whether they’re letting security practices slide.

In a survey conducted by T-Systems, an IT service and consulting company, millennials were named the worst at following safe online browsing techniques.

Reusing passwords

The root of the issue seems to stem from over confidence, which may have to do with millennials’ familiarity with their devices. Of the 2,000 employees who responded to T-Systems’ survey, 50% of millennials consider themselves to be “very knowledgeable” when it comes to cybersecurity.

In comparison, only 36% across all age groups responded with confidence about cybersecurity.

Despite this knowledge, millennials reported more unsafe behaviors:

  • of employees ages 22 to 24, 24% used the same passwords for email, social media and online services
  • of employees ages 25 to 34, 29% reused the same passwords, and
  • the average reported reuse of passwords for all other ages was 21%.

Make sure all users are using different passwords for different accounts, and be firm with anyone who claims they already know everything you’re trying to tell them.

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