Microsoft keeps pushing Windows 10 on customers

Get ready to hear this question more often: “Should I be downloading Windows 10?” 

Users are about to get inundated with messages urging them to install the latest (and, supposedly, last) version of Microsoft’s Operating System. It’s even going so far as to include the OS as a “recommended update” for Windows customers.

That’s opposed to its old status as a “optional” update. It also means the update will install automatically on most machines (although users will be prompted to confirm that they actually want the new OS).

Unwelcome addition

The download is free until July 2016, so it’s not a financial hardship for users. But it could be frustrating for IT departments that are trying to get a slower adoption of Windows 10.

That’s because this new operating system, like any new OS, could wreak havoc on your current systems and settings not play nicely with existing apps.

Of course there are ways to prevent users from getting this download. But it’s another headache for IT pros already struggling to navigate the tricky issue of when and how to upgrade to Windows 10.

Best bet: If you’re not on the OS yet, warn users about the automatic downloads and tell them you’ll evaluate thoroughly before making any decisions on when to go to a new OS.

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