Management bypassing IT on cloud computing policies

Though some IT pros may have their trepidations about cloud computing, their companies’ execs will likely move to the cloud anyway.

The cloud is a big issue for IT — 60% of tech leaders say cloud computing is a top priority this year, according to a recent survey by tech services company Avanade. But c-level executives are even more enthusiastic, with 75% of them ranking the cloud as a top priority.

That discrepancy may explain why 20% of execs also reported that they had actually gone around their company’s IT department to start using cloud services. In other words, individual departments within companies have signed up for cloud services on their own without consulting IT.

Of those execs, 61% said it was easier to provision the services themselves and 50% said it would have taken too long to go through IT.

However, cloud services normally get the best results when they’re centrally managed by the IT department — that helps companies deploy their cloud strategies more efficiently and avoid redundancy. Also, other departments may not understand the information security risks associated with using a third party to store data.

Avanade recommends IT managers develop policies and create an open communication process with other departments to determine and meet cloud needs.