Looking for good tech talent? Yeah. So is everyone else

It’s not getting any easier to find and retain good techs. Here’s what the competition is up to – and how you can help keep your staff happy and in-house. 

According to hiring firm Harris Allied, 60% of firms are looking to add talent in the coming year. The rate at which they’re looking to add that talent varies:

  • 15% anticipate aggressive hiring (15%+ growth)
  • 21% are looking for moderate hiring (10%-15% growth), and
  • 24% are looking to do minimal hiring (less than 10%) growth.

The top four positions they’re looking to add: software application developers, web/iOS developers, project managers and business analysts.

Methods for hiring/retaining

Tech talent may be unique in its skill sets, but the best ways to retain and attract talent are universal to most businesses. They include:

  • Excellent compensation. You don’t have to have the best salaries in the industry … but it doesn’t hurt. At the very least, pay has to be competitive with the competition if you’re hoping to get and keep the best of the best. According to the study’s authors, guaranteed cash bonuses are starting to become the norm.
  • Career advancement. Employees are always looking to get a better job. If they can’t do that inside your company, they’ll look elsewhere or dismiss job offers out of hand. Be sure to lay out the potential career path for candidates when conducting interviews and to make current employees aware of areas of potential growth.
  • Corporate culture. In short, you want your department to be the kind of place that people look forward to coming to work (or at least don’t dread it). Otherwise, you’ll find high turnover rates.
  • Professional development. Workers don’t want to feel pigeonholed into their current role. They’re looking for ways to learn new things (think cross-training or educational and training opportunities).

Final word of warning: 80% of managers didn’t even know when their own staff was being poached. Assume that someone is out to get your best techs, and make your workplace the more attractive option.

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