IT staff would rather work from home than get a raise

Looking for a way to satisfy IT employees without any room in the budget for raises? Luckily, there’s a no-cost benefit many want more than money, anyway:

The ability to telecommute.

In fact, 35% of IT employees said they’d give up a full 10% of their salary for the chance to work from home full-time, according to a recent survey from IT job board

Roughly the same number of people (36%) wouldn’t make the trade. The rest of the folks already telecommute, or were unemployed and said they’d accept any job.

Telecommuting is a rare but valuable benefit for IT pros, according to Dice — less than 1% of the jobs currently posted on the site list working from home as an option.

But offering it to IT workers on a full- or part-time basis can raise morale among current employees, as well as set your company apart from the competition when it comes to hiring new workers.

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