Survey: IT vendors provide sub-par customer service

A new report says the majority of IT vendors are failing to provide a good experience for their customers. 

That’s the word from a recent report released by research and consulting firm the Temkin Group.

The report ranks 60 IT vendors based on customers’ ratings of how well the vendor served their needs, how easy the vendor was to interact with and how happy they were with those interactions.

Just four vendors scored a rating of “excellent,” indicating a score of 71% or higher: Microsoft’s business application division, Microsoft’s server division, Cisco and IBM SPSS.

More than half the vendors (36 of them) were give ratings of “poor” (a score of 51%-60%) or very poor (50% or below). The remaining 20 were rated as “Okay.”

The top 10 vendors, based on customer experience:

  1. Microsoft business applications (72%)
  2. Cisco (72%)
  3. IBM SPSS (71%)
  4. Microsoft servers (71%)
  5. Microsoft desktop software (69%)
  6. IBM software other than SPSS (69%)
  7. Intel (69%)
  8. Oracle business applications (68%)
  9. HP products (67%)
  10. VMware (67%)

And the bottom 10 (from lowest to highest):

  1. Compuware (43%)
  2. Capgemini (48%)
  3. Fujitsu (48%)
  4. Novell (49%)
  5. ACS (49%)
  6. Software AG (49%)
  7. Hitachi (49%)
  8. Alcatel-Lucent (49%)
  9. Open Text (49%)
  10. Tata Consulting Services (50%)

It should be in those IT vendors’ best interests to make some changes to their customer service — Temkin found that vendors’ customer service score was closely correlated with how much money companies planned to spend on the vendor’s products or services in the future.

For more information on the report, visit Temkin’s website here.

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