IT talent getting more expensive

As the economy improves, competition for IT workers with specialized skills is increasing. And as a result, so are these new hires’ wages.

To hire highly sought-after tech talent, 51% of IT managers have had to increase base pay, according to a recent survey by IT job board

This development comes as more companies begin to hire IT pros, especially contractors with specialized skills. The number of listings for contract-based jobs on Dice has increased to 33,000 from 31,000 a month ago. Listings for permanent full-time positions increased from 39,000 to 40,000.

Though money is the best way to bring a new hire on board, IT pros surveyed by Dice also expressed significant interest in telecommuting, a low-cost benefit for companies.

Workplace flexibility, including the option to telecommute, was ranked third on the list of factors that influence job decisions, behind salary and signing or relocation bonuses.

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