These 2 IT skills will earn big raises, new opportunities in the long term

Overall, the IT job market is favorable for job seekers. But the field is constantly changing, and IT pros must keep current to stay successful. Here are two sets of IT skills that will put techies in demand now and ensure plenty of opportunities in the future: 

Cloud computing and big data.

As IT’s role changes in many organizations, those are two of the IT skills experiencing the biggest growth in demand. For example, there are approximately 3,800 jobs requiring cloud computing skills currently listed on IT job board That’s an increase of 72% compared to last year, the site reports. In comparison, IT job listings on Dice have increased by 4% since 2011.

Demand for cloud computing professionals will only rise as more organizations invest in cloud services. And that demand is driving up salaries for folks with those IT skills. While IT salaries are rising in general, it’s especially the case for cloud professionals. They’ll earn an average of $92,830 per year, compared to the median IT salary of $81,830, Dice says.

What jobs are available right now for pros possessing IT skills related to cloud computing? According to Dice, the top 10 cloud computing jobs companies are trying to fill are:

  1. Cloud Architect
  2. Cloud Software Engineer
  3. Cloud Sales Executive
  4. Cloud Engineer
  5. Cloud Developer
  6. Cloud Systems Administrator
  7. Cloud Consultant
  8. Cloud Systems Engineer
  9. Cloud Network Engineer
  10. Cloud Product Manager

However, it isn’t just those jobs that require cloud computing IT skills, according to Dice. Many of the more traditional enterprise IT positions, such as project managers or network architects, are requiring cloud skills and experience as more organizations turn to the Cloud for their IT needs.

In addition to specific experience with the Cloud, cloud computing environments require IT pros skilled across many areas of IT, such as networking, servers, software and security, rather than just one specific niche.

For IT pros wanting to take advantage of the demand for cloud experience, experts recommend looking for chances in their current roles to cross train to learn cloud skills. With cloud computing’s popularity, it’s likely that there’s a chance to work on deploying or a managing a cloud service at many organizations.

Also, new IT certifications related to cloud computing have begun to launch, including ComTIA’s Cloud Essentials and Cloud Security Alliance’s Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK). While those are both fairly basic, they’ll likely be prerequisites for more advanced cloud computing certifications that become available in the future.

IT skills needed for Big Data, too

Another tech seeing big growth and an increased demand for IT skills is Big Data. And much like cloud computing, the demand for IT pros has outpaced the rate at which people have begun to gain skills and experience in the area.

And as Big Data becomes more critical for organizations, those that do have those IT skills will be in a good position. In fact, a recent report from consulting firm McKinsey and Company claims that by 2018, U.S. companies will face a shortage of 1.6 million analysts who can make decisions using Big Data, and between 140,000 and 190,000 IT staffers skilled in data processing technology.

As with cloud computing, new academic programs have started appearing to train IT pros in the Big Data field, including New York University’s Master of Science in Business Analytics and similar programs at the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas and Michigan State University.

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