IT salaries rise – for some

Will IT pros see an increase in pay this year? That depends on their industry.

Overall, it doesn’t look like there will be a boom in IT hiring this year that would drive salaries upward across the board. According to the 2010 CIO Salary and Careers Survey, only 31% of firms are actively hiring, while 27% have a hiring freeze and 14% are shrinking by attrition.

However, the survey of 920 IT executives did show gains for IT pros of certain ranks and in certain industries.

In 2010, high-ranking IT executives in the financial services industry saw a 15% jump in their average salary. They’ll also see an expected 4.4% raise this year.

But top IT folks in health care saw an average salary drop of 7% in 2010, with just a 5% raise in 2011, for a net loss over the past two years. With the health care market in the midst of a major transition to electronic health records (EHR), that drop is surprising.

On the other hand, mid-level IT managers working in health care saw a 10% gain in 2010.

Among industries that are hiring in 2011, health care, financial services and the government lead the way, according to the survey.