IT pros would rather get a root canal than prepare for cloud computing

Cloud computing has a lot of benefits for businesses, but it also presents a lot of challenges for IT. In fact, there are a lot of painful things IT professionals would rather do than get their organization’s network ready for the Cloud. 

A cloud-ready network is the most important element companies need before making further cloud deployments, according to a recent survey from Cisco. Among the 1,300 IT decision makers surveyed, 37% ranked a prepared network at the top, followed by a virtualized data center (28%) and a service-level agreement from a cloud service provider (21%).

Though that network preparation is critical, it’s also very challenging — 39% of respondents said they dread dealing with the network challenges associated with cloud deployments enough that they would rather:

  1. Get a root canal
  2. Dig a ditch, or
  3. Do their own taxes.

Fortunately, that doesn’t seem to be impeding organizations from adopting cloud computing, as 73% said they’re confident they could begin a cloud deployment now.

However that other 27% have a long way to go, as those folks said they know more about how to play Angry Birds than about the steps they need to take to get their companies ready for the Cloud.

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