IT pros still have email security concerns

While everyone waits patiently for email’s replacement technology, IT pros don’t have the luxury of looking forward. They’re still worried about how they’ll secure the ubiquitous technology so that it’s (relatively) safe to use.

According to a survey by Sophos, 62% of IT pros are using on-premises servers to manage email. How they’re securing their email is primarily by cloud services (43%) and hardware appliances (22%).

But the survey finds that many companies aren’t taking proactive steps to protect their email beyond these measures. The survey found respondents reviewed or audited email security settings for effectiveness or redundancies:

  • very frequently (8%)
  • frequently (26%)
  • occasionally (40%)
  • rarely (16%)
  • very rarely (6%), or
  • never (4%).

Relying on third-parties

It’s not much of a surprise that 50% of respondents agreed that third-party solutions are necessary to secure email platforms such as Office 365.

But for those who are doing it themselves or just looking for added security, reviewing settings regularly is an important step to take.

Check that:

  • spam filters are catching and blocking unwanted messages
  • firewalls or other protective measures aren’t catching valuable, work-related messages in with potentially harmful ones
  • solutions are working not only for security professionals, but also for the average end user, and
  • you’re getting value for your money when it comes to the costs of any services or third-party solutions.

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