Generate IT Leads with IT Lead Generation Campaigns

Growing your customer base is essential for any business.  In the IT industry, that is easier said than done.  One of the toughest challenges is finding well qualified prospects for your sales team.  IT Manager Daily can help.

With one of IT Manager Daily’s lead generation programs, your organization can increase conversion rates and grow your business. We reach out to your pre-defined target audience (segmented by title, industry, geography, or company size), qualify the prospect, and deliver them as a sales-ready lead.  Our lead generation programs have increased sales and produced a significant ROI for countless clients.

Benefits of IT Lead Generation with IT Manager Daily

  • Increased Conversion Rates – Pre-qualified leads are generated based off of your target profile.  This allows your sales team to reach your ideal prospects and increase conversion rates.
  • Saved Time – Eliminate wasted efforts spent by your sales team pursuing unqualified prospects.  Let your sales reps stay focused on their best opportunities and close more sales.
  • Scalable – Our lead generation programs are quickly scalable to match the needs of our clients.
  • Reduced Risk – Successfuel’s lead generation programs allow you to only pay for leads matching your profile, ensuring your marketing dollars are never wasted.
  • Manual Quality Check – Each lead generated is individually scrubbed for quality purposes, ensuring you only receive the most qualified leads.

IT Lead Generation Programs

Finding qualified prospects has gotten tougher and tougher in today’s business world, but you shouldn’t lose hope. Let IT Manager Daily do the leg work for you with one of our pre-qualified lead generation campaigns. We offer two B2B lead generation programs, both shown to dramatically increase conversion rates for our many clients.

Telemarketing Lead Generation

IT Manager Daily’s telemarketing lead generation program allows you to quickly identify qualified prospects for your sales team.  We work based off of your target profile, set by boundaries like title, industry, company size, geography.  Our trained telesales team reaches out to our proprietary database of decision makers and identifies whether they would be interested in learning more about your services.  If they are, and they match your profile, they become a lead for your sales team to follow up with.  In addition, each lead is individually checked for quality purposes.

Telemarketing lead generation can be an important ingredient in your B2B marketing and sales mix, and can be extremely effective if done right.  SuccessFuel’s commitment to quality ensures you only receive the most qualified leads.  Let our trained, US-based telesales team reach out to pre-qualify prospective customers and generate qualified, sales-ready prospects to help you start closing more business.

White Paper Lead Generation

A well-written white paper opens the door for sales success.  It helps educate prospects on a particular challenge they are encountering and on how your organization can help.  SuccessFuel can help leverage your white paper or other marketing collateral to generate qualified leads for your sales team.

Let us market your company’s white paper to our database of industry-specific decision makers through our email and e-newsletter channels.  You choose the target profile (title, industry, company size, geography) and you only pay for those leads matching your specified profile. Those who download your white paper are cleaned by our quality team and immediately delivered to your sales reps to follow up with.  White paper lead generation with SuccessFuel has become a proven tool to deliver a considerable ROI for so many of our clients.

Importance of IT Lead Generation

When lead generation is conducted by an outside partner, it gives your internal sales team more time to connect with customers and close more deals. Sales representatives can concentrate on providing for and addressing the needs of their customers and creating a reliable reputation for your company.

Lead generation does something successful businesses have always done: proactively going after their prospects, not just waiting for them to find them.  Today, businesses can’t afford to be passive.  If you’re not actively generating qualified leads for your sales team, you’re going to struggle.

IT Manager Daily specializes in IT sales lead generation.  If your company is looking for an efficient strategy to produce sales-ready leads, then let IT Manager Daily take the reigns with our lead generation campaigns.

Through our telemarketing or white paper lead generation programs, we will deliver qualified prospects to your sales team to take your business to the next level.


Reach out to us at to discuss your goals and to partner with you to customize an IT marketing and advertising campaign to help your reach them.