Is Windows 7 service pack worth waiting for?

It’s been common practice to wait for a service pack release before upgrading to a new version of Windows. But some experts say if you’re going to upgrade, you might as well do it now.

Windows 7 SP 1 recently leaked online, eWeek reports. And folks who’ve downloaded it have confirmed what Microsoft claimed in a recent blog post:

It will be a relatively small update, containing “only minor updates.”

Compared to previous operating systems, experts say, Windows 7’s original release was in pretty good shape, in terms of both security and performance.

Waiting for a service pack may not be the best move, especially for users currently running Vista. The new OS as it was was first released is still better than Vista, according to most observers.

Does your business plan on upgrading soon? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • Mike

    Steaming forward with Win7! Upgrading existing XP machines to get the productivity (usability) improvements and covert to 64-bit to squeeze more life out of our 64 bit capabil machines, while also gaining the advantage ofmore efficiently using the 4GB of RAM in most of our machines (that 32-bit XP doesn’t use effectively).

  • We will not be upgrading to Windows 7 for a while, currently using Windows XP. Windows 7 does not support the Microsoft Dynamics Navision 4.03 software package, and Microsoft has no plans to release a patch for their Navision package to allow it to run on Windows 7. The Navision upgrade will cost over $50,000.

  • Jack L Goodwin


  • We have no plans to upgrade to Win7. We are on WinXP Pro and are satisfied with it. We cannot afford a site license for Windows so we get the OS as part of workstations or laptops that we purchase. We can still get XP on all of our purchases so we won’t change until there is no other choice.

  • Eric

    All of our new computers are being ordered with Windows 7, with XP mode installed for the very few programs where the publishers refuse to update them to run on modern versions of Windows. I don’t understand where the bitter resistance comes from in the software publishing industry – XP is two versions of Windows out of date and there are STILL publishers refusing to leave it behind.

  • David

    We won’t be upgrading to Windows 7 soon because the video and RAM requirements would require we replace almost every system in our infrastructure (over 100). We use Slimline Dell GX270’s which could be upgraded to meet the RAM requirement, but not the video requirement.

    I am quite frankly disappointed and surprised at Microsoft, I figured they could do more with less hardware. The requirements for Windows 7 are no less than Vista. It seems like the same old marketing ploy Microsoft has used for years to get people to constantly upgrade. I do have to give them some credit, they finally enabled .jpg support in Paint… it’s about time!

  • When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get four emails with the same comment.

  • John

    Honestly, if your system can’t handle Windows 7 because it requires your video and ram to be upgraded, then you have pretty old computers and shouldn’t be disappointed in microsoft. Windows XP has been out since 2001 and it’s time for businesses to move past the limitations that windows XP has. Like Eric stated, Windows 7 also has XP Mode as an option for those businesses that have software which isn’t compatible with windows 7. This website will give you more information on how XP Mode works and what it can do for you. I hope this helps. I myself have found Windows 7 to run very smoothly and boot my computers and laptops much faster than windows xp or vista. This is the first time in my 14 years in IT that I have gone against the general rule of waiting 1-2 years after microsoft has released a new OS. I will be moving any and all capable computers running windows xp or vista to Windows 7 over the summer and all new computers we order are being ordered with Windows 7. I too do not understand the resistance unless it comes from lack of knowledge or past microsoft OS disasters. We all remember Windows ME right? LOL

  • Bill Williams

    We will migrate as we get new machines once the xp downgradable ones are gone from HP. Windows 7 is a great OS. The only issue so far is using Bitlocker. I have Win 7 Ultimate. I encrypted my HD with Bitlocker. It would not allow my tablet to power off. I unencrypted and installed HP Protect Tools. It works great. We have over 150 machines and it will take 3 years to get them all upgraded through new machines.

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