Is the iPad 2 ready for business?

The iPad 2 has made a huge splash in the consumer market. But does the popular device have a place in your organization?

The iPad has become a popular tool for some businesses, especially those with highly mobile employees who need an easy way to send and receive data on the go. Research group Forrester estimates that about half the iPads sold are being used for work in some capacity, reports.

That’s not to say that the primarily consumer-targeted tablet device doesn’t come with question marks for businesses. Here are three concerns that may keep some companies from supporting the iPad:

  1. ROI — Apps specifically meant for business use are still being developed and companies are still figuring out the best ways to use tablets, so at this stage, it may be tough to convince finance folks that the money spent on iPads will pay off.
  2. Security — Experts say the new version of the iPad has made security improvements, but some businesses have yet to trust a company known primarily for consumer products when it comes to protecting business data.
  3. Bandwidth — Versions of the iPad can connect to both WiFi and cellular networks, both of which present problems for businesses. Organizations in some areas may not trust their cellular connections enough to rely on them for critical data transfers. And some firms may find they need to add wireless access points to accommodate a new set of devices.

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