Is IT finally getting over XP?

A new survey says IT departments are relinquishing their hold on the nine-year-old Windows XP and beginning to move to Windows’ newest offering.

While most businesses skipped Vista completely, that’s probably not going to happen with Windows 7, according to a poll by Dimensional Research.

That’s not to say the majority of IT departments will be performing an upgrade to Windows 7 anytime soon — 60% of the 900 IT managers said they’d rather keep the old OS right now.

But that’s significantly less than 72% who said the same thing in April of 2009.

Dimensional Research attributes the change to the positive reviews (relative to Vista, anyway) Windows 7 has gotten since its release in the fall.

What about your company? Are you planning to upgrade to Windows 7 in the near future? Why or why not?

  • XP is the best OS

  • XP is the best OS but as the technology grows we have to upgrade to newer versions to compete

  • Ben Boyack

    I will continue to use XP until absolutely necessary to upgrade

  • RRobinson

    XP always has and continues to be a solid OS, however Windows 7 is proving to be a strong competitor and we are looking at making the switch this year. The new technology 7 offers is very beneficial and we love the overall design.

  • Don Dickerson

    XP is a good stable OS, and I hate to see it go. But Windows 7 has proven to be a good OS as well, and we are slowly moving our systems to 7. Windows 8, however, will be ignored.