iPhone in business: IT departments have a change of heart

Does your IT department support the iPhone? If so, you aren’t alone (anymore).

When Apple first released the iPhone in 2007, a lot of experts warned the device wasn’t suitable or secure enough for use in a corporate environment, compared to competitors like the BlackBerry.

Since then, though, the iPhone’s becoming more popular with IT folks. Currently, 29% of IT departments support the device, according to a recent Forrester survey. That’s a small number compared to the 70% that support the BlackBerry, but it’s a big jump from the mere 17% that users work on the iPhone a year ago.

Why the change of heart? One driver is that users are clamoring for the iPhone — and even offering to front the costs themselves, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Other factors included recently added features such as encryption, remote wipe and the ability to connect to a Microsoft Exchange server (all of which used to be reasons businesses preferred the BlackBerry over the iPhone).

Does your company support the iPhone? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • Brian

    We support the iphone, but do not actively pursue its purchase or use. The ongoing pursuit to keep every user in the same type of hardware, in order to ease the burden on helpdesk personnel supporting the devices, is paramount to the IT departments response times in this aspect. In my environment, users would rather have the quick repair, fix, and troubleshooting times, than the fancier device. The durability of the Blackberry surpasses the iphones as well, only recently surpassed by some of the Droid platform devices. The more I am forced to work with this device, the more comfortable I am becoming with it.

    IT Manager, Michigan