iOS 8 may not have much for enterprise

Apple unveiled its new mobile operating system, iOS 8, at the recent World Wide Developers Conference. There was plenty of news to go around, but only a few features that might improve the business case. 

For users

Perhaps the biggest feature for enterprise use is Handoff. This feature allows easy transfer of work from an iPhone to a Mac if the two are in close proximity. So if you start firing off an email from the iPhone, you can seamlessly switch over to the desktop to finish it.

Another helpful feature is the new hotspot feature that easily allows you to turn an iPhone into a WiFi hotspot. While it’s not necessarily the most secure option, it could be better than using public WiFi for protecting data.

On the back-end

For companies that are all about supporting Apple, you can now enroll in a program that will prepackage mail and calendar apps for users that will be ready-to-go from the time you unbox them.

Users can also encrypt individual messages as well as adding extra password layers to apps. That, along with increased mobile device management options, could make corporate-owned devices more secure and business-friendly.

The downside

One feature Apple added that could be trouble is iCloud Drive.

While there’s nothing devious about Apple’s new cloud storage option per se, it does add another concerning public cloud option to an already crowded field. Like its counterparts Dropbox and Google Drive, this service lets users store information in the cloud – even from Windows devices.

Now would be a good time to remind all your users of your cloud and data transfer policies. Stress that while this service may be a welcome development for sharing photos or backing up personal documents, work info should stay off of it.

Best bet: Emphasize what storage and transfer options you can provide that are business-ready and secure.

Will you be supporting Apple devices? If so, what do you think of these announcements? Share your comments below.

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