Hiring set to pick up for the rest of the year

IT pros who are looking to add talent in 2016 may not want to wait: Some of their competitors are getting a jump on things, looking to add staff before the end of 2015. 

According to hiring firm Robert Half, 22% of CIOs want to add more staff by year’s end. That’s 8% more organizations hiring than just a year ago.

The skills they’ll be looking for include:

  • Windows administration (53%)
  • network admins (52%)
  • desktop support (52%), and
  • wireless network management (50%).

Competition creates opportunity

Luring talent from competitors won’t be easy. There’s a ton of competition, and most techs have their choice of where they’ll want to land.

Some things others are doing to find talent:

  • increased networking (48%)
  • using recruiters or staffing firms (37%)
  • augmenting staff with consultants (36%), and
  • offering referral bonuses (36%).

Now could be a good time to look at how you bring talent into the organization and see if there might be more opportunities out there.

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