Help telecommuters stay productive: 5 tips

Telecommuting is one low-cost perk a lot of IT departments are offering their employees these days.

To avoid productivity dips when staffers work from home, pass on these tips from BNET to your employees:

  1. Keep a schedule — Most telecommuters find they’re most productive at home when they wake up at the same time as they do when they go into the office. Shifting from the normal routine can throw the entire day out of whack.
  2. Leave the house — It’s important to take work seriously at home, but that doesn’t mean telecommuters should stay cooped up inside by themselves all day. Sometimes, it helps to go out for lunch to get some much-needed human interaction.
  3. Dress appropriately — The right attire for working from home varies from person to person — but it does make a difference. Some people find they can’t get anything done unless they dress as they would in the office, while others are more productive in pajamas. The only way to find out: Experiment.
  4. Choose the right sounds — Again, the effect of music on telecommuters’ work varies with the person. Staffers should avoid letting access to their home theater systems become a distraction, but finding the right music can boost productivity.
  5. Have a comfortable working space — One thing that all telecommuters need: a space to work besides the couch or a kitchen table. A comfortable, quiet home office is essential.

Do you have any tips for boosting productivity while working from home? Share them in the comments section below.