Heartbleed’s coming for your servers: Protect yourself

The Heartbleed bug made the jump from technology news sites to major media outlets incredibly quickly. The standard advice was for users to change passwords on sites they care about and keep an eye out for suspicious activity. But now there’s some alarming news for IT pros: Servers are also at risk. 

Researchers have proven that server keys are vulnerable to attacks via the OpenSSL flaw. Unpatched systems are at serious risk until they’re updated for the bug.

While server manufacturers are working on patches for affected servers and tools, you’ll want to check out some manufacturer’s advisories for which products might be affected:

Others are also likely vulnerable and working on fixes.

What to do

Server admins who are still waiting on patches may be able to protect themselves using the code found here.

In the meantime, the best advice might be to keep your eyes peeled for updates and fixes and get them patched immediately. Playing the waiting game isn’t the ideal way to react to a bug, but in this case it may be your best option.


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