The hardest position in IT to fill is …

Let’s face it: Hiring IT team members is tough. Specialization has made it harder than ever. 

Yet one position stands out as particularly difficult to fill, according to a new survey by Burning Glass Technologies. And it hits on two very in-demand topics in IT: cloud security professionals.

The difficulty of hiring good security pros are well-documented. It’s a field that has never been of higher concern to both IT and business operations alike. Add in factors like competition among other companies and the ease of switching jobs and you can see why these professionals can name their landing spot.

And with more and more companies shifting crucial data to the cloud, where security is of the utmost concern, it takes more than three months (96 days) for companies to fill cloud security professional positions according to Burning Glass.

That makes it the most in demand field, and more than twice as difficult to fill as the already tight job market for IT pros in general (45 days on average).

What makes you different?

Most IT pros by now are familiar with the difficulty of landing good hires. And since many departments already run a bit under-staffed, it makes getting the right people all the more important.

The answer can’t just be to increase salaries for all positions. (Well, it is. But that’s not an easy thing to do.)

Instead, focus on the benefits your organization can provide that others can’t: room for advancement, fringe benefits, etc. If you have something that sets you apart, highlight it, especially in interviews and job postings.

That’s a good way to land more good fits than would otherwise be possible.

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