Hack shows users hanging on to stupid passwords

Your users know to avoid using simple things like number sequences as their passwords, right? You might want to check.

Apparently, many users of the popular coalition of websites Gawker Media haven’t gotten that message.

Recently, Gawker’s user database was hacked, and the names and passwords of folks who had signed up to post comments on the sites were stolen.

Out of the 1.2 million stolen passwords, many look as if they wouldn’t have needed any complicated hacking to figure out. For example, 2,516 Gawkers users have “123456″ as their password, CIO.com reports. Another 2,188 use “password.”

Warn users about choosing their passwords wisely — and recommend not using the same password for everything they register for. If they do, then something like the Gawker hack could have serious consequences.

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