75% of firms have saved money with green IT programs

Many organizations are saving money by implementing green IT programs, and most are finding those projects aren’t as difficult as they originally thought.

Thanks to a greater array of green IT choices from vendors and a growing emphasis on energy efficiency, today 32% of all data center purchasing is green, according to the recently published CDW Energy Efficient IT Report — meaning the products and services purchased are energy efficient, non-ozone depleting, or otherwise environmentally preferable.

More than half (54%) of organizations currently have or are developing a plan to manage power and energy consumption in their data centers. And of those that have such a program in place, 75% have been successful in reducing energy costs in the data center.

What are businesses doing to implement green IT programs? The most common actions and technologies being used to reduce energy consumption are:

  1. Server and storage virtualization (cited by 65% of respondents)
  2. Server consolidation (60%)
  3. Implementing hardware with low-power processors (46%)
  4. Purchasing ENERGY STAR devices (44%), and
  5. Deploying more power-efficient networking equipment (31%).

Some more good news from CDW’s survey: Not only are green IT programs effective at cutting energy consumption and costs, but those initiatives were also easier to implement than companies planned. For all those actions, respondents said they were easier to implement than the organization had originally thought they would be.

However, some challenges still remain for green IT adoption. Primarily, many organizations still find it difficult to get funding for new, energy-efficient technology — 56% of the survey’s respondents said they don’t have enough room in the budget for new systems.

In order to get management on board for green IT investments, it’s important to demonstrate how much money can be saved by boosting efficiency. To do that, IT departments must find a way to measure what they currently spend on power. Without that, it will be impossible to determine how much the organization can save.

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