Google+: Better than Facebook for businesses?

Facebook is massively popular, but is it the best social network for personal and professional use? Maybe not, now that Google has developed a social networking site.

Here are some reasons to recommend users in your company switch to Google+, according to

1. Better friend management Recognizing that users have different circles of friends, and that they communicate with them in different ways, Google+ offers a feature called “Circles.” Using Circles is more detailed than Facebook’s relatively new “Groups” feature. This can help people better separate their personal and professional lives.

2. Better mobile app — Users can get content on their phone more easily using Google+, which offers a cleaner, less clunky cell phone app than Facebook.

3. You can get your data back Facebook forces users to make certain personal information public, making it difficult for them to delete their profiles. However,  Google+ users can walk away anytime without leaving any trace of their personal data by using a tool Google calls “Data Liberation.”

4. Safer photo tagging Facebook only has a basic tagging feature, and does not offer users a way to see a potentially embarrassing photo or video before it goes public. Google+ offers users the opportunity to not only tag, but it gives users a chance to see and approve of photos they’re tagged in before all their co-workers or supervisor can see them.

5. Strong group chat features Google+ has an online group chat feature called Hangouts. Its Huddle feature also makes it easy for mobile users to start group text chats, which could give remote employees an easy way to collaborate.

6. Safer content sharing- Google+ lets users pick which Circles they’d like to share content with — i.e. pictures, articles, etc.

7. Better storage for personal data Facebook is young and still prone to scams and viruses. Google is older and arguably more trustworthy with personal information.