Five Latest Trends in Cloud Computing

Though cloud computing has been around for a while, it’s really taken off in recent months as a popular method for delivering IT services. And as the popularity increases, cloud services are changing, with new approaches have been anchored onto older ones while vendors make necessary changes and innovations.

Here are five of the latest trends in cloud computing:

1. Security

This has been one of the major concerns when it comes to cloud computing. This industry is quite susceptible to various safety and security threats and these will be continually scrutinized. Some of the most anticipated security-related cloud computing trends for 2012 include novel encryption approaches, enhanced cloud information safety, and intensified blockage of proscribed access.  Recently, cloud hosting business entities have been meeting up with startup companies that promise new security methods that would enhance the safety level of cloud computing.

2. Programming Platforms

In the year 2012, various programming platforms are expected to be introduced to the market. These platforms are built on integrated systems that boast of nothing less than sheer functionality for software designers and programmers. This means that aside from offering storage space or managing applications, these cloud providers are also bent on giving programmers a chance to test or troubleshoot their newest designs.

3. Package Pricing

For large companies, purchasing elaborate cloud computing services is no big feat. But for smaller scale businesses, this could be a bit of a financial stretch. This year, this concern will be addressed through the offered ala cart services from cloud hosting providers. This means that companies will be given the chance to pick only the services they need or require as opposed to paying for generic cloud services with functions and features which are not entirely essential.

4. Cloud Supersizing

When it comes to this industry, one of the fastest growing sub-categories is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). The ERP cloud services normally include a wide-range of business aids such as inventory, customer service, sales tracking and management, and even accounting. By enabling these business management functions under the cloud computing system, businesses get fast and convenient access to all business records anytime and anywhere. Cloud supersizing is set to grow even bigger in the year 2012.

5. Mobile Access

Nowadays, a huge number of internet users go online using mobile technology such as tablet computers. Gone are the days when one could access the internet only by using a computer or laptop. This is the exact reason the cloud hosting industry is going with this technological flow. In the year 2012, business owners or managers will get the chance to access their cloud files and data using various mobile devices.

Cloud computing is here to stay and with the latest trends in cloud computing , it is only obvious that this system is bound to become even greater.

About the Author: Natasha is writer and blogger, currently writes for Ninefold. She contributes to the online society by blogging on a variety of topics, currently exploring in cloud computing,cloud server and other popular tech related trends.