Firms struggle to verify IT certifications

Companies are paying closer attention to the certifications earned by potential IT employees. Unfortunately, that could also mean more applicants are lying about their certifications.

Certifications are becoming increasingly valuable for IT job applicants, according to a recent survey by industry association CompTIA. Among the IT hiring managers surveyed, 64% said certifications were very useful for evaluating candidates’ skills and expertise.

The problem: verifying those certifications. Anyone can claim a certification on a resume, but it’s up to managers and recruiters to make sure an applicant’s telling the truth. And 44% of IT managers said verifying candidates’ credentials is difficult because of the amount of time involved. Also, 38% said the effort required for verification created a challenge.

It’s important to understand that the effort will pay off, however — a recent survey found that 72% of IT pros believe their peers are dishonest when it comes to certifications.

Another issue: IT managers also expressed concerns that their company’s HR department doesn’t have a solid understanding of IT certifications. That can lead to wrong candidates being sent down the pipeline.

Best bet: Before the recruiting process starts, sit down with HR folks and give them a clear list of what to take note of on a resume.