Firmness vs. flexibility: Keys to knowing when to crack down and when to loosen up

As an IT manager, striking a balance between rigidly following your company’s procedures and allowing for the human mistakes that occur in a workplace can be challenging.

It’s hard to know when you should stick to the book, and when you can offer your employees a little leeway.

If you need help figuring out how to stop your co-workers before they cause a serious safety breach — without hurting their feelings or making enemies — here’s guidance.

Since simple mistakes can be the difference between a major breach and smooth sailing, requiring high standards of behavior for all employees is one area you can’t compromise in.

Enforce policies

Make sure your employees know the ‘cyber hygiene’ measures they should be taking (see page 1), and enforce your organization’s IT policies and procedures on regular password changes and malicious emails, among other concerns.

Flexibility comes into play when employees mess up. When workers aren’t IT experts, they’re bound to make a mistake or two.

Being understanding and explaining what went wrong in simple terms will prevent future mistakes.


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