Employees not creating strong passwords? Try this

password policies

Creating strong passwords is a no-brainer when it comes to security.

But employees aren’t always great at thinking of them off the tops of their heads, which can cause security risks when they’re not secure.

To solve this problem, there’s a movement among the younger generation away from creating their own passwords, according to IBM security experts.

This new trend in security is the increased utilization of password managers, which you can use to help boost cybersecurity.

Password managers

You can use password managers to store your employee’s passwords and help them create more complex ones that are harder to decipher.

As an added benefit, password managers can automatically fill in passwords to saved sites, which cuts down on time spent typing passwords or troubleshooting for workers who don’t remember their passwords.

Using a password manager to generate and store employee passwords allows you to monitor everyone’s information, since it’s all in one secure place.

Plus, there’s less risk of someone accidentally sharing passwords with someone who’s not authorized, and less opportunity for breaches if you’re the one in control.

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