5 things employees need to become loyal

Managers in all departments have likely struggled in recent years with gaining loyalty from employees who believe they’re overworked and underpaid. 

That might be especially the case in IT, where stress levels have risen sharply along with workloads. A good manager is necessary to keep tech employees loyal to their employer even as competition for IT talent is set to skyrocket in 2013, with salaries increasing accordingly.

What can IT managers do to keep their best employees from jumping ship? In addition to making sure compensation and benefits packages are in line with market rates, experts say these are the stop qualities managers need to boost employee loyalty:

1. Reliability

It’s hard to be loyal to someone who isn’t loyal to you. That means managers must always make sure they do what they say they are going to do. Loyalty will increase if a manager does the job the right way and keeps promises.

2. Candidness

Especially when times are tough, employees need to know that their boss is telling it like it is and not withholding any information. Employees will always get the news eventually, and if they get it from someone besides their supervisor, the boss will lose a lot of credibility.

3. Competency

Employees need to know their boss performs at the same level that’s expected of the staff. In IT, that means managers should make sure they’re keeping their skills current so they can step in and solve problems and help with hands-on work when it’s needed.

4. Employee-focus

Managers face the often difficult task of trying to do what’s best for their employees and what’s best for the company at the same time. While there will be some conflicts, managers can gain a lot of loyalty by openly and willingly discussing employees’ problems, concerns and goals.

5. Likeability

Employees are loyal to managers that they like. That doesn’t mean the boss should be everyone’s best friend, but showing a sincere interest in employees’ careers will pay off greatly.