Embracing disagreements: What to do when a ‘Negative Nancy’ won’t stop complaining

Most departments have at least one person who’s always complaining or disagreeing with the rest of the team.

Because IT pros often interact with people from various departments, one negative employee can affect the whole office.

Luckily, there are ways to incorporate disagreement and dissent into your routine, and make the entire team more effective. And those negative comments may even bring up potential challenges or concerns, which can improve the plan.

Make time

Set aside time in your meetings to address potential tension or disagreements. Avoid focusing on the interpersonal conflicts that may crop up, and instead look at the underlying issues being raised.

It’s important to get any tension out into the open so it doesn’t fester under the surface. Talk to each member
of your team and see what they think about a plan or process you’ve developed.

Most importantly, let team members know their honesty won’t get them into trouble. If workers know their supervisor is listening with an open mind, they’ll be able to speak freely, and their thoughts can help better your company’s plans.

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