Cost, big data concerns driving use of enterprise Linux

Companies are expanding their use of enterprise Linux, citing benefits such as lower costs, improved security and a better ability to handle big data, according to a recent survey.

Organizations running Linux are happy with their decision to adopt the open source operating system and show no signs of turning back, according to a recent survey conducted by the Linux Foundation. In fact, 84% of the companies surveyed currently using Linux said they’ve expanded their use of the operating system in the past year.

Also, 80% plan to increase their use of Linux over the next five years, according to the survey of 428 enterprise Linux users. That includes 69% that say they’ll be using Linux for more mission-critical workloads. Just 22% say they’ll add Windows servers over the next five years.

One reason for enterprise Linux users moving further ahead with their use of the OS: the ongoing expansion of big data and the struggle to keep up with growing storage needs. More than 75% of respondents said they’re concerned about big data, and 72% plan to use Linux to support the new enterprise environment.

Other big drivers for sticking with and expanding the use of enterprise Linux:

  1. Lower total cost of ownership (cited by 70% of respondents)
  2. Linux’s features and technical superiority (69%), and
  3. Better security (64%).

Enterprise Linux users also cite improvements in their use of the OS over recent years, whether it’s explained by improvements in the technology itself, or in the organizations’ and employees’ skill at using it. In a similar survey two years ago, 20% of enterprise Linux users said technical issues kept Linux from being used more successfully in their organizations. In this year’s survey, that number dropped to 12%.

Some concerns about enterprise Linux still remain, however, including interoperability issues with other platforms and applications and a lack of IT talent to support the OS.

To learn more about the survey, download the Linux Foundation’s report here.

Is your business currently using Linux? Do you plan to increase its use in the near future? Let us know in the comments section below.

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